Hi, My name is Teena. I am a 6'4 tall goddess who loves to have fun in life. I wear so many hats that holds titles that its ridiculous. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, friend, a best friend, an acquaintance, a lover, a fighter, a storyteller, and encourager... So many hats. I am a person who loves to laugh. I grew up with two brothers (older and younger) and both parents in the house hold. My father was a military guy that had a government job and my mother was a computer technician for a well-known multination delivery service company. I grew up. I use past tense about my parents career because they are both retired now and living...

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Passion Is Therapy For The Soul.

Doing something that makes you smile is therapy for the soul.I'm still on this adventure of finding my passion. My husband says I already have. It's not just about selling clothing to people. It's about finding something they like and what works for them. It's about that smile that comes to their face that makes me feel like I accomplished something. I know my style does meet the need for all and is different from the ordinary. I know it's different. It's suppose to be. It describes and compliments who I am. It also makes me stand out because I too am different.

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