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Passion Is Therapy For The Soul.

Doing something that makes you smile is therapy for the soul.I'm still on this adventure of finding my passion. My husband says I already have. It's not just about selling clothing to people. It's about finding something they like and what works for them. It's about that smile that comes to their face that makes me feel like I accomplished something. I know my style does meet the need for all and is different from the ordinary. I know it's different. It's suppose to be. It describes and compliments who I am. It also makes me stand out. I'm Different.

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Basic Wine Color Dress

New Color Alert! Don't you just love a good red wine? The Basic solid Fall color dresses are the best. They are easy to jazzy up. Get you a multi color heel, tennis shoe, purse, cute jewelry, belt, scarf, jean jacket, blazer, long sweater. It's all in your imagination on how you set this piece together. The fabric on this dress is sooo soft and feels like butter on the skin. The length for me is perfect for when I want to show a little leg. It's A little longer compared to the yellow dress. I'm all about cute and comfy this fall. I want to be able to enjoy the weather and my surroundings and not just what I...

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Don't you love a good fashion scarf? I do! Animal print seems to be making its way into the fashion world this fall. What better way to make a fashion statement that to wear an animal print scarf with either a solid color top or dress. It gives your outfit that POP! It also let's everyone know that you have a little wild side with your fashion style. I have 3 of these prints, leopard, snake skin and white leopard. I must say these are some good size scarves. The leopard come in extra Large. The others are regular size. No stretch in the material. It's made of polyester. Match these up with a purse, shoe or belt with a solid color outfit and your good to go! The material is very light weight...

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