Finding the Perfect Denim Dress

I've always wanted a comfortable denim dress that can fit my 6'4 height and size 16 body frame that's short. But not too short where it looks like a shirt on me. But short enough to show legs and maybe a little thigh. Taking a chance on shopping online can be stressful. All the researching, reading reviews, making sure the website is legit, price comparison and just praying that the item you get is not another Pinterest disaster post called "Nailed It". 

It's hard to compare my body to the models when all the models are either under five foot six or so skinny that even the small looks like its hanging off them. I know when the dress is a mini dress for the model, then it's a cute shirt for me. If the dress comes below the model knees, then its a mini dress for me. If it comes to the models ankles, then its a midi dress for me. If it's a maxi dress then hey, it's still a midi. 

I don't care what anyone say, Tall females are the unicorns of the universe! I lucked up on finding this one. I had to really take a chance and have a come to Jesus moment. After over coming my shopping on line fears I bought it!  In order for the dress to fit my frame, I got the biggest size available; size 2X.  I figured hey, if the material is nice but still small, I'll use it as a shirt. Just my luck the dress is more than what I expected. It was a little big but I won't complain. It has the perfect length I was looking for and the material is amazing. 

The best part about picking this particular denim dress is that I can pair it with leggings for the Fall/Autumn, the dress alone in the summer or as a cardigan! The dress is made to flare with a high in the front and a low in the back for extra coverage, A-Line cut. It's a win-win for me! I am so glad I got this one.

If you're interested, Check out the website for purchase, only for a limited time. Use code "BLOG" and get 20% off the purchase of this item.


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