My name is Teena. I am 6'4 in height and loves to have fun in life. I wear so many hats that holds titles, that its ridiculous. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, friend, a best friend, an acquaintance, a lover, a fighter, a storyteller, and encourager but in all, I am a person who loves to laugh.

I grew up with two brothers (older and younger) and both parents in the house hold. My father was a military guy that had a government job and my mother was a computer technician for a well-known multination delivery service company. I grew up. I use past tense about my parents career because they are both retired now and living their best life waking up and not having to go to work and remember what day of the week it is. They are goal.

I have a degree in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Software Engineering. I have been married for 10 years now with 2 beautiful basically grown boys. One has graduated from high school and the other is currently in his senior year. My husband and I are about to be empty nesters, and I am not excited about it because I am that momma bird who is not ready to let my baby birds fly just yet. 

I work a full time job with a small company and so far I love it. Having experience in other jobs, this current role I am in is less stressful, fun, my coworkers are fun (because we either sing, laugh or eat food all day) and there is always something to do, so I am actively moving. I do not know how to sit still so I love the actively moving part. I have a part-time business on the side where I own and run a boutique.

When I first started the boutique, my initial go was to try to help other tall women like myself find cute styles to wear like any other women. When researching style to find to fit my tall frame I found out I fit both the curvy and the women's side of fashion. This led me no choice but to try to find fashion in both those categories. I have been in business a year to this date and every day I am learning something different. 

I may come off shy in the beginning but that's only because I do not know you, or I am trying to get a feel. But once I open up you will not be disappointed. I just love to have fun and experience new things.

As previously mention, there is so much about me and I don't want to make this a long post. But I do want to make a post. Welcome to this blog page that does not have a title just yet. Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions. 




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