My name is Teena. I am 6'4 in height and love to have fun in life. I wear so many hats that holds different titles. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister to many, an entrepreneur and a humble child of God. I am a person who loves to laugh yet I do take life serious. 

I grew up with two brothers (older and younger) with both parents in the house hold. My father was a military guy and my mother was a computer technician for a well-known delivery service company in the world. 

I have a degree in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Software Engineering. I have been married for 10+ years now with 2 beautiful basically grown boys. 

I work a full time job with a small company and so far I love it. Having experience in other jobs, this current role I am in is less stressful and fun. I have a business on the side where I own and run a Telah's Boutique.

When I first started the boutique, my initial thought was to try to help other tall women like myself find cute styles to wear like any other women. I found out some things in the fashion world about Tall styles. Not only is it rare to find but for myself, I found out I fit both the curvy and the women's side of fashion. That's why I chose to have both Women's and Plus-size pieces in the boutique. I have been in business over 2 years now and every day I am learning something different. 

I enjoy presenting different fashion ideas to women who find my style intriguing. Although there will be a few statement pieces within the boutique, my goal is to keep things simple and cute (Simply Cute) in a casual  and dressy style for work, church, dinner dates or outing with friends. I want women to wake up and not have to stress about what to wear or how to match pieces together to make it look cute. My goal is to let the clothes do the work with all the colors, textures, cut and prints. All women have to do is wear it. 

I want my boutique to be a safe place for Tall Women like myself to shop. Being that I am 6'4, I want to try to be an example for some (not all) Tall women who are looking for creative styles that are long or maxi to fit their frame. And if they just so happen to be curvy, we will focusing on lots of stretch.

For all other beautiful women, if this style fits you, you are more than welcome to shop. Just know that Telah's Boutique focus on length and stretch while being simply cute. 




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